God is light

This is not an ordinary statement. This is a far-fetched declaration and a treasured commandment of God Almighty sent through His Messengers of all religions. It induces mankind to contemplate, to be able to encrypt the secrets, hidden behind this Proclamation. Once we understand Light, we would automatically recognize our God Almighty! We all know there is a God out there… somewhere! But in fact cannot describe Him in words. We think and say that God is omnipresent but we don’t have the slightest idea what it means. In fact, God is right here right now, in you and around you, in all the spaces inside us and out there. If you are not seeing Him, it’s not because He’s not there, it’s because we are not looking. Open your eyes; wake yourself up… being awake means seeing the living presence, recognizing that He is in you and around you, everyone is connected with Him—realizing you are the sparkling spirit. You see the spirit guiding you;  you see the presence of divine in the eyes of everyone you SEE. We do not have to be identified with our culture, our religion, or our sins. There is One God, One Creator. We are a part of the same brilliance, the same luminescent organism, and this is what you learn when you truly understand The Light.

Once we know what and who our God is, we will disapprove duality. Spiritualism teaches us that there is no Self. You have this illusion of the Self but when you explore The Light, following spiritual disciplines, you realize that Self is just an illusion, a fictitious entity. You begin to lose your Self. At such a moment you realize that you are one with everyone, you are one with people around you, you are one with those who died thousands of years ago, and with the people of the future.

Light is the unification of colors. The limitless power of colors affects our bodies, emotions, and feelings in several ways. Colors effect the movement and amount of energy in human bodies, and tell us about genetic pull. They communicate with us and stimulate our attitude, temperament, and sentiments. Applications of various colors affect our perception of objects and spaces; a heavy item appears lighter, farther objects seem nearer, and a small space looks bigger when a lighter is applied.

The majority of people fall prey to various physical, psychological, and neurological diseases only due to their unawareness of the suitable and correct use of light. These dis-eases comprise of many complex problems, sicknesses and disorders, mental and emotional nature, including; AIDS, cancer, insomnia, blood pressure, sleep apnea, and phobias. Where on one hand the Light provides life to all the living creatures, on the other hand it guarantees to uphold it because of its therapeutic nature. To ensure the continuity of life in our world, light provides us health, a pure health. A color therapist is skilled in the application of various colors to ease and cure many diseases. These healers apply colors and their vibrations in the form of visualization and tools to balance energy in particular areas of our bodies that require vibrancy, be it emotional, spiritual, and mental or physical.

We are obligated to the great Sufi Masters and wonderful spiritual personalities from around the world, gifted with SEEING EYES, for the restoration of the science of healing with light and colors. Earlier people were fully aware of science of healing when there was no properly controlled health system existed. It has been recorded that the early Egyptians used colors to cure various diseases. They also used precious and semi-precious but colorful and transparent stones for this purpose. Following nature and the color of grass they colored the floors of their worship places in green, while they grew grass beside their water bodies, such as lakes and rivers (The Nile). They applied different colors in every room. They also considered blue one of the most significant colors, being the color of sky. Their practice of using colors and light could be easily associated with the method of healing in the modern science. After the year 1550 BC, the knowledge and understanding of the healing energies hidden in the rays of colors was almost lost. Later on in the past, the Greeks limited the colors to science alone. Amongst others, Hippocrates, focused only the material and scientific characteristic of colors and imprudently abandoned the mystical and metaphysical side of color. Despite these discouraging actions, the science of color therapy has been handed down through the ages by clairvoyants (seers) who understand the laws of nature from The Creator of nature Himself, and transmitted through generations to the present intellectual society. They witnessed the unseen with the use of their “super consciousness”. Undoubtedly we have beneficently been awarded by God Almighty with the arrival of those Prophets, Messengers, Sufi Masters, Saints, and their pious people whose abilities to SEE was miraculous. For these great people, the understanding of spiritual science became second nature.

The more man advanced in the field of physical sciences, the more he strays from religion. His belief has become weak, his faith, shattered. Peace has become something alien for him. Man’s elusive pursuit of peace attracts him towards spiritualism but without the means to SEE, the common man has not been ready to adopt the unscientific and unknown. In order to meet the demands of present times, a system which could fulfill the spiritual needs of man of the modern era in a scientific way, Silsila-e-Azeemia (Azeemia Spiritual Order) was introduced. Rising above the orthodox, conventional and traditional ways of spiritual education, modern techniques were formulated to keep pace with the scientific age. Because of the unorthodox approach and modern ideology, this ‘Silsila’ (Sufi Order) is spreading rapidly the world over. The Founder Leader of this Azeemia Order, Divine Grace, Muhammad Azeem Burkhiya (1896 – 1971) founded this Silsila (Sufi Order) after having spiritual approval from Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in July 1960.


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